The Information Age equivalent of Johnny Appleseed

Hi, I'm Maymay. (Download my digital business card.)

I am an open source software developer and technology consultant and I work for free. Instead of owning a home, I live on the road, so that I can travel to do Good Work with Good People for the benefit of our future. I've been called the "Information Age equivalent of Johnny Appleseed."

In my former life, I was a software engineer and consultant for Fortune 100 companies such as Hewlett Packard and Lehman Bros. But I hated those jobs and I wanted to make a difference in the world instead of helping bankers line their pockets, so I quit corporate America in 2007. I've been freelancing ever since.

Are you trying to make a difference, too? Do you have a project that needs a skilled programmer? Are you looking to make a bigger impact through wide exposure? My projects generally make the news. Pique my interest, and I will come to you.

Projects I have worked on in the past year include:

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Some of my skills and areas of expertise:

In plain English: I can help you do anything you want with a computer.

Photograph of maymay as 'The Helpful Hacker' sitting in a café with a sign on the table that reads, “The Helpful Hacker: Learn how to protect your data from prying eyes. Easy & Free-of-Charge. I can help!” :)

In addition to developing open source software, I also facilitate CryptoParty teach-ins, run public workshops on computer security, and offer free one-on-one consultations for individuals concerned about data privacy. I blog regularly about digital civil rights at

How you can hire me:

You can't. I don't work for money. Money is a technology that destroys trust. Its entire purpose is to short-circuit human relationships in order to insert itself as a middleman. It makes everybody spend more money, at more emotional cost, for things that make us angry at each other. Don't offer to pay me. Seriously. If you offer me money, I will decline on principle.

I don't sign contracts or make any kind of exchange agreements. I work on projects because they inspire me and I work at my own pace—which is typically very, very fast. Have an interesting project, make it ambitious, get me excited, and you will be amazed what we can do together.

I don't work on proprietary products. I am an avowed anti-capitalist. Anything we build together will be freely shared with others who can also benefit from it. If your project so much as pretends to have a profit motive, I will tell you to go fuck yourself and your project. Yes, really.

I do work best when I'm warm and dry, well-fed, have a safe place to sleep (this can be as simple as a quiet side-street on which to park my car), and am surrounded by curious, intelligent, integrious humans who are passionate about making the world better. Cats are good company, too.

How you can find me:

I'm easy to find on

Or through the booking inquiry form on my blog. You can e-mail me at , call me at 323.963.4827, and find me at Check out my quest map to see where I might be next!

You are encouraged to copy, republish, redistribute, re-share, and link to anything of mine that you like. Everything within this domain is published under a creative commons attribution license, which means you're free to it as long as you cite me appropriately.

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I last updated this page in October of 2014.