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If your project so much as pretends to have a profit motive, I will tell you to go fuck yourself and your project.

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My tweets on 2009-12-25

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  • #TV #commercials genuinely scare and depress me. I'm astonished how blatantly patronizing so many are. Are the masses really that dumb? #ads #
  • Waiting for my connecting flight en-route to #NYC for an all-too-brief vacation I'm post-processing #KFADC videos by Morgan, @DDog & Gerard. #
  • Motivations many have to call EVERYTHING "gender" is unhelpful. #Gender is a compound. Why are so few splitting it into its component parts? #
  • @DDog Clarifying: I wasn't specifically referring to your talkā€”it just reminded me of other things. It also inspired this: http://vb.ly/118t in reply to DDog #
  • Landed in #NYC & headed to family Xmas. Done post-processing @DDog & Morgan's #KFADC videos. Will upload tonight as my present to the world. #
  • Discovering significant damage to exterior of my suitcase that wasn't there this morning. Holes, broken handle & zippers. :( C'mon @JetBlue. #
  • 2 new #KFADC #videos up: @DDog's "Components of Gender" http://vimeo.com/8377924 & Morgan+Julia's "Supporting GSAs" http://vimeo.com/8377675 #

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December 25th, 2009 at 9:00 am

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