Hi, I'm Maymay. (Download my digital business card.)

I am a free software developer and technology consultant and I work without money. Instead of owning property, I am houseless, spending much of my time living on the road and on the Internet, so that I can travel to do Good Work with Good People for the benefit of our future. I've been called the "Information Age equivalent of Johnny Appleseed," among other nice and not-so-nice things.

In my former life, I was a software engineer and consultant for Fortune 100 companies, including numerous global banks, where I worked on datacenter automations and site reliability engineering teams. But I hated those jobs and I wanted to improve the world instead of helping monstrous sociopaths line their pockets and murder billions of people, so I quit corporate America in 2007. I've been consciously working to cooperate less and less with financial systems ever since.

Are you trying to make a difference, too? Do you have a project that needs a skilled IT engineer? Are you looking to make a bigger impact through wide exposure? My projects generally make the news. Pique my interest, and I will come to you.

In addition to developing Free Software, I also facilitate CryptoParty teach-ins (here's a short video about it), run public workshops on computer security, and offer consultations for individuals and groups concerned about data privacy.

How you can hire me:

You can't, really. I don't make promises in exchange for money. I do accept money, but I will simply not take any action that I don't feel moved to take. When you "hire" me, you will be paying the full amount that we agreed to up-front, and you will be paying in physical cash or cryptocurrency, not by credit card.

In addition to paying me for my time and expertise, you will also need to convince me that you and your project are worth my attention. Money alone is not a sufficient motivator for me. It is merely one shitty way we survive an abusive society run by sociopathic monsters until we free ourselves from the irrational and suicidal belief that a number in a bank account keeps us alive.

I have long understood that money is a technology that destroys trust and human relationships; its entire purpose is to short-circuit our relationships in order to insert itself as a middleman. It makes everybody spend more money, at more emotional cost, for things that make us angry at each other. If we work together, you will be leveraging labor and expertise that multi-national corporations routinely pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to development and cybersecurity firms for.

My asks are peanuts by comparison, with the catch that you have to treat me like a human, not an employee. This has proven far too high a bar for most people to accomplish, but the offer stands. You are encouraged to try, if you believe you can do it, but I no longer have the patience to coddle you through the process. Learn how to communicate directly and clearly before you send me your first message or don't expect a reply.

In case it's still not clear, this all means that I don't sign contracts or respect financial exchange agreements. I work on projects because they inspire me and I work at my own pace—which is typically very, very fast. Have an interesting project, make it ambitious, get me excited, and you will be amazed what we can do together.

I don't work on proprietary products. I am an avowed anti-capitalist and I despise the Tech Industry. Anything we build together will be freely shared with others who can also benefit from it. If your project so much as pretends to have a profit motive, I will tell you to go fuck yourself and your project. Yes, really.

I do work best when I'm warm and dry, well-fed, have a safe place to sleep (this can be as simple as a quiet side-street on which to park a car), and am surrounded by curious, intelligent, integrious humans who are passionate about making the world better. Cats are good company, too.

How you can support me:

You can make a one-time donation via PayPal.

You can also use the following buttons to contribute a fixed amount each month, and you can stop contributing at any time you choose:

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Thank you so much for your donation! :) Donations like these are my primary source of earned income right now, so every dollar really counts towards things like food!

I also really enjoy finding win-win situations that give me a safe place to put my pack down for a little while. I love pet sitting and housesitting, but I'm also always on the lookout for ways to put my programming and people-organizing skills to good use. If, for instance, there's a company or non-profit in your area that might be interested in bartering some of my skills in exchange for letting me sleep under a desk for a couple weeks, please put us in touch, too! :D

And regardless, I hope you'll say hi to me should our paths cross again in the future. :) Either way, your support—in whatever form it comes—is very appreciated!