Hi, I'm Maymay.

I am a free software developer and technology consultant. Instead of owning property, I am houseless, spending much of my time living on the road and on the Internet, so that I can travel to do Good Work with Good People for the benefit of our future. I've been called the "Information Age equivalent of Johnny Appleseed," among other nice and not-so-nice things.

In addition to developing Free Software, I also facilitate CryptoParty teach-ins (here's a short video about it), run public workshops on computer security, and offer consultations for individuals and groups concerned about data privacy.

I do work best when I'm warm and dry, well-fed, have a safe place to sleep (this can be as simple as a quiet side-street on which to park a car), and am surrounded by curious, intelligent, integrious humans who are passionate about making the world better. Cats are good company, too.

How you can support me:

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Thank you so much for your donation! :) Donations like these are my primary source of earned income right now, so every dollar really counts towards things like food!

I also really enjoy finding win-win situations that give me a safe place to put my pack down for a little while. I love pet sitting and housesitting, but I'm also always on the lookout for ways to put my programming and people-organizing skills to good use. If, for instance, there's a company or non-profit in your area that might be interested in bartering some of my skills in exchange for letting me sleep under a desk for a couple weeks, please put us in touch, too! :D

And regardless, I hope you'll say hi to me should our paths cross again in the future. :) Either way, your support—in whatever form it comes—is very appreciated!