Why Craigslist Jobs Suck

I’m looking for work in the field of (as you probably guessed) web development and design. My father is a graphic artist so I’ve got some connections that way but as usual it turns out you can do very little without other people. (In my case, my father’s connections.)

So he told me to go check out Craigslist to look for additional work.

Well, here’s what I think about that:

I looked through Craigslist’s several categories for job postings.

The bottom line on Craigslist is this: it’s free to post. It’s free to respond. It’s all anonymous.

Which means:

  1. It’s limited to only what recruiters post, which is an estimated 30% of the actual job openings. (www.job-hunt.org) Not to mention, this is an utterly random technique.
  2. Each poster is probably inundated with replies daily. It’s too competitive.
  3. Employers over-specify the necessary skills and experience needed for the job, creating a job posting with requirements that no one can meet (e.g., 10 years of experience with a technology that’s only 7 or 8 years old). Besides, job seekers over-apply. Also according to job-hunt.org: “Many recruiters have shared with me that they don’t like to advertise a job opportunity because they receive so many responses from unqualified applicants, an estimated 80% to 90% of responses. Job seekers view it as a “why-not” opportunity; recruiters see it as more dumb (or lazy) applicants who didn’t pay attention or don’t understand what is required.”
  4. It’s a lose/lose situation. You lose because you must spend a lot of time finding and combing through job opportunities for the ones that match your qualifications and/or interest you. The recruiters lose because they must comb through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes to find the truly qualified applicants.

And that is why job postings on craigs list suck.

Believe me, I know. [The organization I currently work for] posts its [entry level job] openings on Craigslist. And we get over 50 responses daily!


P.S. That’s why I want to get [our new client’s] site up (last week). That would be word-of-mouth. It taps a potential market never available to people responding to job postings, it’s less work, and it’s ultimately higher paying.

4 replies on “Why Craigslist Jobs Suck”

  1. Hey, funny weblog. I agree. I’m from new york and I noticed a brand new site the other day called http://newyork.plugstar.com that my friend referred me to. There’s not much to complain about with this site except it’s new and needs more job postings but obviously new sites take a while to grow. However, the job section format is better than cl. Good Luck with your weblogs……

  2. What gets me is the requirements they list for their chump change jobs. You’d think they were looking for Ph.Ds with impeccable credentials. “Must have this, must have that. Must, must, must. People need to stop answering these dopey jobs. In many cases, what they pay is less than a restaurant tip, or lunch money for a 7th grader. Craigslist….pssshit…I GOT your craigslist.

  3. I do web design + Seo. The craigslist ads always seem like they are put up by someone who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. This is the typical type of ad I see in my field :

    “Looking for a web designer guru to design a simple company website, must be able to get me one the first page Google. I will pay once results are achieved Must be an expert in ajax,PHP,Ruby on Rails, Python, Photoshop,CMS, Dreamweaver, backend databases, MySQL, html5 and css. Great Job for college student who is looking to build their resume.

    Compensation: $8/hr”


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