Friendster Testimonial

I just wanted to share this, a 1,000 character description of my love.

Danica’s name means “morning star.” Like a star, she is serenely beautiful outside and chaotically so within. She has a subtle, almost imperceptible strength that draws everyone she likes towards her. Those fortunate enough to be caught in this inescapable gravity well will be left speechless by the breathtaking adventure they will soon undertake, for they will learn what it is like to be in the presence of a celestial being. She is kind and selfless to a fault. She can be a friend, a confidant, a lover, and a partner in crime all at once and in as many ways as she has friends. Like the morning sunlight, her cheery nature can wax and wane. Occasionally it is covered by mists of sadness and self-doubt. In these times she struggles not to die like a star collapsing in on itself; she knows she will only emerge as a black hole. So far, she has succeeded. She has been my morning star for some time. I hope that should I awake tomorrow I can see her radiant smile once more.