Poetic Encouragement

Yesterday, Danica called me late at night. During our conversation I mentioned that I had begun writing periodically again. Though I meant to say "prose," I had a bit of a Freudian slip and it came out as "poetry." I suppose she was intrigued because, though I did clarify what I had intended, she told me to "Come up with somethng" and recite it to her, then and there.

After struggling for a few moments, I concluded that I needed my keyboard. I have a ton of trouble concentrating on anything, especially language, if I can’t see immediate feedback as to what I’m doing. Writing a sentence out on the computer offers the opportunity to edit it in real time. If I simply speak, I too easily "forgets" what I said a few seconds prior and my train of thought breaks down because it isn’t being guided by anything.

As an aside, that’s a very interesting basis for a more conceptual discussion about racing thoughts. I shall have to come back to that one time…. Anyway.

Back to the point, Danica quickly interuppted me and told me not to use the keyboard, get back into bed and just speak without thinking and come up with a poem. I moaned and groaned somewhat, but ultimately obeyed and tried a little harder.

What I recited did not look like this at all. Only the subject is the same. Even though I was convinced that my utterings were horrendous, Danica insisted that she liked them, and encouraged me to recite more poetry on the spur of the moment. I didn’t then, though I thanked her and said I’d probably work on what I already thought of. If it proved fruitful, I could try again with something new and then edit it later.

Below is editted piece, after a few moments of tinkering with the memory of what I recited, typed up on my computer.

Placed with purpose at the bed of a river,
Each stone waits. Their patience is molded from the calm
The river loans them, and at the end of their journey
No stone has moved. But their shape is perfect.

I judge the defendant fruitful. The sentence: he must recite more poetry off the top of his head, not record it in any manner, and then edit the piece soon thereafter. ::grin::