Um, yikes. Lots’a work to do. And it’s fuuun. :)

On a related note, I am quickly gaining very important experience. I was confronted with a very old web site, BasilRouskas.com and begun trying to convert it to an XHTML/CSS mix. Educationally, I determined it would be no better that way, because the design of the site is thoroughly bad. Or, more objectively, there is almost no consistent design element anywhere on the page. Except for the fact that adding some CSS could potentially increase the site’s accessibility, it would be no help in terms of ease of maintenance.

That said, if it were designed accessibly in the first place, and this is was the final design, it’s an example of a web site which I would much rather view in a text-only browser.

Thankfully, InsideManagement.com is not at all like that. It was very obviously designed by computer programmers, not web designers. I can tell by looking at the markup their PHP is producing. None the less, the overal design does lend itself nicely to CSS, and recoding it has been fun. I have learned some lessons from this recoding attempt too, such as not to even attempt to re-create a site pixel-for-pixel. Why? Because sites are often designed improperly the first time around. Not just visually, but their internal organization is often just plain off, or they have made concessions to the integrity of the markup to accomodate out-dated design techniques (like splicing images into table-cells). Web design is easy and fast with CSS. If only IE wasn’t such a major browser. ::sigh:: I can dream…