Bad Weather Makes Me Restless

Not much to say right now. It’s rainy outside and I don’t feel 100%. In any case, it was somewhat challenging to stay as active as I’d like. Now that Danica is home, I wanted to spend some time with her, but she hadn’t felt quite up to going out often. It came to a bit of a head when she no longer wanted to go get her laptop computer’s data off of it (since it’s not breathing at the moment); that frustrated me since I had hoped that would give us an excuse to go out (and because she said the night before she wanted to come with me to get it fixed) — and because I wanted it fixed too, though I did not feel like going to get it fixed for her without her there.

The rest of that day, and the days after that, however, have been very good: we have both been productive, active, and fun. I’m teaching her how to rollerblade about every other night, and she is doing extremely well after only three hours of practice. Especially for someone who hasn’t put on skates in years.

On Saturday I also picked up a package from the Post Office that she sent me before she left and found Domo-kun had stowed away in it (details). I hope he’s not that angry with me for leaving him at the post office last week.