More Emotional Intelligence

I bought three new compies of Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman today. I’ve been re-reading a copy of the book my father loaned me, as you may recall from an earlier entry, but wanted to get my own copy given the opportunity to buy the book. Danica picked it up on our way out for a late breakfast this afternoon (yeah, breakfast during the afternoon hours is semi-normal ’round our house) and, while reading it at the diner, said it would make a wonderful belated-birthday gift for her mother. I nodded in agreement, and after breakfast we went on over to our local Barnes and Nobles Booksellers to grab a copy.

So, one will go to Danica’s mother, one I’ll keep, and I bought the third to give to a random stranger if they ask me about the book as I read it. That’s what the waitress at the diner did today, but the copy Danica had with her is, of course, my fathers.

It’s a book as important as the Bible is to lots of folks, so I thought I’d treat it as such. There isn’t anything more deserving of respectful evangelism on earth as the concepts contained within those several hundred pages.