Windows XP Service Pack 2: Oh no….

Update: I just learned from the Tao of Mac that there is another problem with Windows Service Pack 2: it breaks raw sockets.

Well, according to several news sources, Microsoft has released the long-awaited Service Pack 2 to manufacturers. Starting next month, computers will come pre-installed with the software. But in the mean time, I’m anxiously awaiting the moment SP2 becomes available via Windows Update.

Why am I so nervous? Microsoft has had a bad habit of making software updates go horribly wrong. My Windows PC laptop is not yet 2 months old, and now I have to subject it to this major OS upgrade. If something goes wrong, I know what will happen: Microsoft will blame it on the manufacturer (HP in my case), and the manufacturuer will blame it on Microsoft. At the very least, when something goes wrong with a Mac (which has rarely personally happened to me) Apple doesn’t jerk anyone around.

As soon as SP2 comes out, I want to get this ordeal over with. And for those of you wondering why I’m not really looking forward to any of the so-called “improvements” I suggest you take another look at what’s really going to change and what’s not.