Can’t TouchPad This

This morning was horrible. It reminded me exactly why I’ve been using a Mac as my primary computing platform for years.

I woke up after a bad dream and after grabbing a drink, I turned on my Windows laptop to check my mail. As I was downloading my new messages I tried to scroll my inbox with my mousewheel. Didn’t work. That’s when I noticed the Synaptics TouchPad™ system tray icon was missing. In addition, none of the TouchPad’s features would work: no tap zones, no edge motion, no nothing. Now, this is not really that big a deal (at least my cursor was still moving around), but it just goes to show how much damn babysitting these computers need. Isn’t the whole point of technology that things should just work and make our lives easier? ::sigh::

Ultimately, uninstalling and then reinstalling the driver fixed my problem. I have no idea what caused the problem in the first place, though and I didn’t bother to do any digging.

This Macintosh PowerBook is now officially on my wish list!