The 9 Newest Things in my Life

  1. This new blog design! I struggled with a few very strange IE bugs while trying to create the look of this page, but thankfully Position is Everything was able to help me out with them.
  2. A new Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife.
  3. The milestone of having my first work-for-hire web site publicly launched.
  4. Visiting Burlington, Vermont to help my brother move in to his new dorm at UVM college.
  5. Driving outside of New York at aforementioned college town.
  6. Programming a small web application from scratch.
  7. Rollerblading with my sweetheart in the on the Hudson River Park bike path.
  8. My own business cards!
  9. Scrabble! My first game garnered 306 points, which, according to the instructions is in the range a "skilled player playing a two-person game" would score. Nevertheless, I still lost to my sweetie.

Why not ten? Because I don’t want to make things up. :)