Rollerblading, Movies, and More

Thanks to Danica, rollerblading has become routine. In the past week, we’ve rollerbladed at least three times at night. The first time we skated on the pedestrian walkways, but the next times we made it onto the bike path. Yesterday, we managed to skate all the way down to Chambers street and back. Yesterday also marked the first time I saw Danica fall on her skates. I’m glad she has: now she won’t be nearly as afraid of it anymore.

In addition to skating, we’ve simply been going out more. The school year is starting for her in less than a week, and a few days ago she received a call from an ex-boyfriend-now-friend. After rollerblading yesterday, the three of us went out to see a midnight showing of the movie Hero together.

I think the best way to sum up the night is, "great movie, horrible seating choice." We were sitting right in the middle of a typical crowd of thug kids who kept making the most idiotic remarks at the movie. "Stupid Americans," I kept thinking to myself, feeling more Chinese while watching the movie than American myself.

Anyway, I’m happy with the way things are right now with work and with Danica. In both, patience is the single most critical virtue I have needed to demonstrate. I credit all the good things to the successful execution of the "count to ten and breathe" technique.

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  1. hey are u inline skaters can i am an agrissive rollerblader and
    i can do hand plants on the vert and sutff and grind handrails u
    people schuld try it

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