What’s the Proper Spelling of Bipolar Disorder?

The words “bipolar” and “disorder” are just words. Sometimes I capitalize them and sometimes I don’t. I haven’t yet found any definitive text which seems to care, so I don’t really care either. Usually, I won’t capitalize them because that means a little less typing for me. In general, you can consider the following variations […]

Accessible Web Sites Get More Visitors

If there is still any doubt about why businesses should require that their web pages be accessible, this report from ElectricNewsNet explains how accessible pages can be viewed by more visitors than non-accessible pages. It also brings up a good point about maintaining that accessibility standard after the site has been created. Accessibility is an […]

A Conversation About Email Security with Road Runner

Yesterday I was having a bunch of fun playing with SSH tunnels. While I was at it, I glanced over at Thunderbird when it beeped at me, signifying I had new mail. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t yet taken the time to secure any POP3 or SMTP traffic travelling from my local machines. […]

Keeping Presentation out of Behavioral JavaScripting

Lately I’ve been working on a personal project of mine, redesigning and revitilizing my website about Bipolar Disorder. It’s still deeply entrenched in the redesign and I’m not even done with the site templates yet, but I was anxious to get some content rolling out quickly so I went ahead with it anyway. Some elements […]