Business Cards, the Essential Networking Tool

Networking, as in social and business networking, relies on persistence. Interestingly, the concept can be extended to apply to computer networking as well. One of the underlying communications protocols of the Internet, ICMP (a part of the TCP/IP protocol suite) plays a very important role in creating connections between computers, and ensuring that these connections stay connected.

Likewise, in social networks, it’s important to have some kind of contact information that is easy to disseminate so that you can be easily reached when opportunity knocks. Enter the business card. And, finally, I’ve got mine! Here it is:

My business card, showing my contact information, and listing some of my technical skills on the back.

Actually, it’s already a little out of date, but it certainly serves its function.

The other day I went to my first New York City Entrepeneur Meetup Group meeting, and this very subject of business cards came up. It’s entirely true; I actually remember the folks who gave me a card far more than I can remember the folks who didn’t. Now, of course, I just need to get Maymay Media’s web site up and running….