What’s the Proper Spelling of Bipolar Disorder?

The words “bipolar” and “disorder” are just words. Sometimes I capitalize them and sometimes I don’t. I haven’t yet found any definitive text which seems to care, so I don’t really care either. Usually, I won’t capitalize them because that means a little less typing for me.

In general, you can consider the following variations of the phrase equally valid in any circumstance:

  • Bipolar Disorder (with initial capitalization).
  • BiPolar Disorder (with camel-case-like capitalization; the “b” and “p” of bipolar are capitalized, as is the “d” of disorder).
  • bipolar disorder (no capitalization)

One comment

  1. blondzila says:

    I’ve also seen it as bi-polar disorder. I think that’s incorrect, though. I think it’s the spelling equivalent of people who pronounce “Italian” like “eye-talian” (like my father).

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