Observations on the CSS3 Box-Sizing Property and How Designers Use Style Sheets

Recently, I became aware of CSS3’s box-sizing property. This property can have two values, content-box and border-box. The content-box value is what we’re all used to. It causes the selected box’s dimensions to be sized by setting the specified width of the box equal to the width of the content area of the box. Any […]

Creating Exceptions to Apache Redirect Directives

When I need to temporarily (or permanently) take down a bunch of resources from my Apache webserver, I usually put the following in a .htaccess file in the appropriate directory: Redirect gone /directory/not/to/serve/ However, sometimes I’d actually like to continue serving a specific document somewhere within the redirected direcotry, but only that specific file. So […]

How to Make WordPress-generated Pages Outside the WordPress Install Directory

I wanted to use my blog entries, created in WordPress to generate content for pages on my site that were not in my blog. This seemed simple enough, and it is, but without some guidance this can be a really confusing situation. While WordPress supports a pseudo-templating system that can be used to easily customize […]

Out-law.com Article on WiderWeb

I’m really not sure if this will help or hurt the state of accessibility on the web. Businesses don’t really understand what accessibility is, and the ease of misunderstanding that this WiderWeb service gives them an accessible page then things are sad indeed. Definitely something interesting to follow, but there is still no substitute for […]