Byebye Bug, Hello Productivity

As expected, just sitting down and doing it led to the aforementioned bug being squashed. That seems to be the answer to almost everything these days: Just do it. (No, I actually wear New Balance.)

Also, a special note to Blondzila: thank you so much for your caring comments these past few days. I don’t really know what to say. Funks like these happen all the time. Sometimes they’re more serious and some times they’re not. Oftentimes they’re a symptom of my frustrations more so than they are of my bipolar disorder.

Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that the more dangerous things for people like me (i.e. folks with bipolar disorder) is not really getting into funks at all. My parents and loved ones, God bless ’em, used to be notorious for seeking out the tiniest little down I was having and begin asking me about my medications. That wasn’t really all that helpful. It often made me feel like I should’t be getting into downs at all, and funks were failures rather than obstacles.

Of course, that’s pretty ridiculous. Ups and downs are very normal; people without bipolar disorder get into funks all the time. That’s why I think the more dangerous thing is how we (folks with BPD) respond to the funks we get in.

In terms of emotional self-care, preventing unwanted feelings is far less important than responding appropriately to them. Learning to react to your own ups and downs in a way that benefits you is a skill everyone, bipolar or not, would do themselves well to learn.

I’m still learning, and it helps me to do the beneficial thing a lot when I hear the kindness and caring of people like you. So, again, thanks. :)

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  1. You made me smile, Meitar :-) And you’re right. We (those with BP) have to learn to deal with the regular ups and downs of life that are just part of living. And those “funks” are not bad, it’s how we react – BPers tend to react in extremes. Moderation is something many of us find hard to live with, but a skill we…well, I in particular, need to learn :-) Glad to hear you’re up and running :-)

  2. Meitar, boy is it true it is often hard for us to remmeber that everyone has ups and downs but ours are often more extreme. But it is managing them that is imortant. I find being aware and anticipating them, and having a plan is key to dealing with them. Usually an adjustment in my meds is necessary so I usually plan a trip to the pdoc right away. That seems to work for me. I’m sure there are other ways for other folks but mainly, I think it is a matter of being aware of where you are and knowing what you need through a mood swing. Also glad to hear you’re on the upswing. Michele

  3. Sometimes I wonder about that LIFE is to be lived, not managed. But that is a romantic fantasy, in a way. Because I find myself – ALWAYS – managing this or that – for better or for worse. It is particularly accute when I enter unknown areas as in learning new subjects, or unexplored teritorries as in dealing with others’ emotions. After all said and done, while life needs to be managed, management seems to BE LIFE. I said all that, because I find your management style, with all its ups and downs, one which is most inspiring – You teach me. You can’t get in any school – You just got it – You are a lucky jackpot winner. I adore you. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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