Okay then, new integrated back end!

Well, last night I said it was stupid to keep running one domain as if it were two sites. So, though I’ll keep the front-end of this site separated so as not to mix business with pleasure (too much), I’ve decided to integrate the whole thingamabobber into a single actual blog/database/backend/etc. That should keep things simpler for me. Have yet to reconstruct the categories, but that is only a ten minute task.

‘Bout time I started streamlining and compiling all my collected works under a single roof. Sheesh!

To do:

  1. Filter which posts are posted on Maymay Media’s blog somehow. Some options:
    • built-in WordPress functionality? I don’t know of any yet.
    • RSS category-specific feeds. (Unnecessarily taxing on my server.)
    • Simple database connect and filter via category by rolling my own code.
  2. Finish up the categories.

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