Out-law.com Article on WiderWeb

I’m really not sure if this will help or hurt the state of accessibility on the web. Businesses don’t really understand what accessibility is, and the ease of misunderstanding that this WiderWeb service gives them an accessible page then things are sad indeed.

Definitely something interesting to follow, but there is still no substitute for a real expert consultant.

One reply on “Out-law.com Article on WiderWeb”

  1. Thank you for commenting rather than condemning!

    We have tried to produce a service that IMPROVES accessibility to web sites and in a way that’s relatively easy to adopt. It’s not perfect but WiderWeb does improve matters, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot! For many site owners we hope it’ll be a useful first step forward and most will then follow up with a more accessible real site. I’m happy to receive any further comments or questions, we can only improve if we listen to feedback.



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