MagpieRSS Grabs My Links

I’ve recently got into the whole link craze. Mostly, I’ve been using it as a cross-browser bookmarks list. Yes, Apple’s .Mac has Safari-bookmark syncing with iSync, but that’s only for Macs.

Anyway, I wanted to get a list of links I’ve recently added to it on this blog. MagpieRSS was the best way to do it, but I didn’t want to abuse the server by doing it, so I had to enable MagpieRSS’s cache. I had to search through the docs a little to get the cache feature working. I was trying to create the cache directory inside the magpierss directory, when apparently I’m supposed to have created it from the directory in which I’m calling the scripts that use Magpie.

This is a bit of a scalability issue, since I want to use Magpie in several different areas across my site and don’t want my webserver littered with cache directories everywhere. Beyond that little annoyance, it’s wonderfully easy to integrate RSS feeds into a site with this. I’m loving it.

Also, after coding the function that displays my links, I started searching for the cache solution, but found Stephanie Booth’s post regarding a different MagpieRSS caching issue. She seems to have solved her problem, and while I had to continue to search for how to enable MagpieRSS’s auto-caching, I did find a code sample which creates a links list. I’m now using a modded version of her function, as it was better than mine. Thanks Stephanie!

And for the curious, here’s the reference I found that showed how to enable MagpieRSS’s auto-caching feature.

Addendum: Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Since this blog is actually generating two of my blogs in a weird way, I only added the links to this site, not my Ups and Downs personal site.