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  1. Your sourpuss stance in the matter noted, you know well that there are many who love this opportunity to celebrate fantasy, and let their inhibitions go for a day. Let them be. Besides, Halooween, like all other “holidays” inject energy and life to the economy, and kids, like you, love to have their candy. Any “anomaly” off routines is an opportunity and a challenge, why not embrace and exploit it? Think about that and tell us if this makes sense…

  2. 1. No reason why people can’t let their inhibitions go any day. Not just halloween. They don’t because they’re not self-expressed enough to not need an excuse.

    2. I am letting them be. I always let them be. I don’t give a shit what they do. I just hate it, and thus choose not to participate.

    3. I don’t need a holiday to get candy. Neither do kids. Save for point number 1, the only other purpose of Halloween, like any holiday, is for the economy, as you mentioned. The fact that this point is not widely acknowledged is the worst part about holidays.

    4. Regarding anomalies: see point number 1.

  3. 1. You are right. Some people lack self expression, however many of them find halooween helpful in this regard. I think it is positive.
    2. “not giving shit” isn’t exactly letting be.
    3. While the economy drives and is driven by holidays, these originated from other reasons, and still hold meanings removed from economy for most people. Whether or not people are aware of the economy issue is secondary, and can be exploited. That too is positive.
    4. Anomalies fall, for me, under the category of diversity. How can that be anything but positive.

    Take it easy, man…

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