Address Book Full of Empty Web Pages

Safari is still my main browser on the Mac. It has this feature which integrates it into Apple’s Address Book and provides a drop down list of all your contacts whom you have specified Web pages for. Well, there are very few people in my address book without web pages of some kind. Most of […]

Orkut Conversation on the Ethics of Slut-dom

Recently, I have been part of a very interesting conversation in the Ethical Sluts community on Orkut. After some attempts at parsing the whole thing into a blog entry, I’ve decided it would be better to simply paste the posts here in order to maintain the conversational nature of the thread. Besides, it’s easier for […]

Centering, Absolute Positioning, and Document Flow

The question of how to center an absolutely positioned element came up recently in a CSS forum I frequent. It’s a relatively old question that has several answers, but it’s been asked often enough imho to warrant a short discussion. CSS has given Web Designers a powerful tool to create breathtaking layouts. However, some things […]

Personal Sections Have New Design

…which is not at all even close to being called “done.” But, I went over to my father’s studio today and he gave me his design ideas. He spoke, I coded, and a couple hours later we got this. He’s still somewhat in awe of the awesome power CSS has to instantly, easily, and globally […]

A Note on the Similarity of Monogamy and Polyamory

While I appreciate the many comments that were left on my last entry touching on this subject, I don’t think I was completely understood. First of all, I have no problem whatsoever with the concepts of polyamory or swinging (or, for the record, monogamy). What I personally don’t like is having intimate sexual contact with […]

My comment’s not on your site. What’s up?

Sometimes you enter your comment and hit the submit button but your comment doesn’t appear on the site. That’s normal. There is no need to re-post your comment. The most likely reason it didn’t appear immediately is because it’s been held for moderation, awaiting my approval before it is publicly displayed. A comment may be […]