My Thoughts on How Gods Were Made

My father sent me some old pieces of my writing archived on his computer. Here are some of them.

On March 22nd, 1994, when I was 8 years old, I wrote this.

A long long time ago, there were these unknown life forms. These life forms were builders and they could only build something together. But this time they did not cooperate. Two wanted to build this, some wanted to build that, this, that, this, that… and they fought a big battle. The battle nearly destroyed them all. It destroyed all of them, besides two. Now, these two wanted to build the same thing – the Universe. ( That is my theory on how the Universe was made). So these two built the universe, stars, planets, and entire solar systems. Time passed…

Now they got very old. At this time the universe wasn’t going very well. The stars began to crush, and star clusters began to move out of place. Some stars burst and created shapes. The life forms liked some shapes and hated others. The shapes that they liked , they made them Gods. When the life forms (The original builders) grew very old, they put galaxies in their form to be remembered by.

The life forms died, because they were very old. Before they died they created more Gods that were made from the crushing stars.They also assigned different Gods to different planets and Solar Systems.

This is my belief about how planet Earth got Gods. I believe that the Jewish God is a God, but of a different solar system and he was never meant to be the God of earth. – He was assigned to a different planet. The Jews pray to their God on Earth even though he was never here. But the Jews don’t know this – now when they read this they will know.

—Meitar S. Moscovitz

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