Lithium as a Mood Stabilizer

So just the other day I was asked about my experiences with litium. Lithium is a mood stabilizer.

That’s precisely what my experience has been. For me, it was frighteningly effective. “Numb” was a mild word to use what I felt after taking a high dose. More luke, “dead,” imho.

That’s one reason why I worked so hard at reducing my dose. For me, lithium didn’t just cut out the highs and lows, but effectively killed any ambition and motivation to do anything. Turned me into a living zombie for a while.

But that’s before the dose was really worked out well enough. So while that sounds horrific, it’s really just a sign that I was taking too much of it. Lowering the dose did help, and the effect of that action was a lot more turbulent moods. Which, in my case, was “normal.”

So the key is really using lithium, and other medications, as tools to help you control your reactions to your moods on your own.

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