People Watching

I rather enjoy watching people when they are alone. It doesn’t really matter who, but the fact that they are left to themselves is fascinating. What are they thinking? What are they saying to themselves? There’s a voice inside most people’s heads that just won’t shut up. Sometimes I wish it was talking out loud.

Clarification: In response to a comment that was posted, I’d just like to clarify that “watching people when they are alone” is not intended as such a nefarious activity as the image (apparently) conjures up for some. What I mean is, watching people sitting across from me riding the subway, or the bus, or eating at a restaurant while they read the newspaper. I was only refering to public places like street corners, train stations, and supermarkets. What ever happened to the benefit of the doubt?

2 replies on “People Watching”

  1. Why go far? You will actually learn a lot more, and be really productive from watching YOURSELF, and learning to control your own internal chatter… Assuming of course that your fascination is rather theoretical, and not practical. BTW, admission such as this could be used against you, so beware…

  2. Clarification point taken. Yet, without your clarification it was utterly conceivable that the benefit of the doubt would hardly cross ones mind, and literally your words pointed in one (questionable, shall we say) direction.

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