My comment’s not on your site. What’s up?

Sometimes you enter your comment and hit the submit button but your comment doesn’t appear on the site. That’s normal. There is no need to re-post your comment.

The most likely reason it didn’t appear immediately is because it’s been held for moderation, awaiting my approval before it is publicly displayed.

A comment may be held in the moderation queue for several reasons:

  • Your comment contains at least one word from a list of common spam words. Words like prescription, viagra, and others are part of this list.
  • Your comment contains certain potentially offensive expletives or phrases. This is supposed to be a civilized corner of the Web.
  • Your comment contains more than a set number of links. Spammers like to link to their own site for publicity and Google page rank reasons. I don’t want to help them out.
  • Your comment exceeds a certain (albeit really high) number of characters. If you have that much to say, you’ll probably want to use your blog software’s Trackback or Pingback functionality to comment here.

Also, I reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or otherwise screw with your comments so it’s possible I’ve gone mad and decided to explicitly prey upon your (and only your) comments for the duration of this site’s existence. However, I generally won’t do something like that unless you deserve it.


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