My 24-hour Bug

I’ve got a bug; if I don’t blog about it within at least 24 hours, it never gets blogged. Gotta iron that one out.

There are some emails I need to get to (apologies for not writing you back yet), some calls I need to make, and some checks I need to write. Of course, none of that’s been done. I woke up after 2 in the afternoon for several days now, and on Tuesday I thought it was Monday.

On the other hand, I’ve put Apache: The Definitive Guide down for a while and picked up Mastering Regular Expressions (both computer books). The Apache book started boring me, going into depth about server configuration directives and the like which I could have just looked up myself. On the other hand, the regex book reads like a story, and I feel like I’m learning a new language by taking a tour of the country as I read through the text. Frankly, there’s really only so much dry technical writing I can stand in one dose. I expect to pick up the Apache book the next time I have to play with my httpd.conf file.

Anyway. This is an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging. I like it when I write. So, one would think I would write more often.

The difference between theory and practice is that, in theory, theory is the same as practice. In practice, however, theory is far from practice.

Can’t seem to remember where I heard that, but it seems remarkably relevant for some reason today.

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