Tuesday’s Bedtime Bantering

RSS Reorganization

I need to rethink how I’ve organized my newsfeeds. There are some categories which I feel like I’m constantly un-bolding. Thing is, some of those items are ones I like to read, but they’re right next to the ones I don’t really want to see, despite being in the same logical category. Thus, I need to rethink how I’ve got those feeds set up.

There’s no point to even having some of them if I waste my time marking them as read and never reading them, but on the other hand I do find something of interest in those feeds every so often and isn’t that the point of RSS after all? Being able to scan widespread news sources quickly for items of interest? Perhaps I should do something like what Jeffrey Veen has done with his RSS subscriptions for the sake of my sanity.

Perhaps I Should Wikiblog

I think I’m finally understanding what Rui Carmo has said (or implied) about the nature of wikis as blogging tools, as I read his newsfeed yet again. He seems to create wiki nodes for each day he blogs, which is incredily useful for many reasons. Strongest for me, however, is the ability to continually add items to said node before the day is over. In a traditional blog, one would be forced to create an entirely new entry, thereby breaking the inherent connection between the items. Of course, some would argue that this is a non-issue thanks to search functionality, linking, database queries, etc., but there’s still something that feels intrinsincally common-sense-oriented when a wiki is used in that fasion.

Of course, wikis aren’t really meant to be blogs, and so there’s some implementation issues of that kind. Still, if he got it working, why can’t I? It’d be a hell of a lot easier to organize my thoughts that way, and it could also provide a much easier way to integrate a lot of my other stuff into this site. So there’s a ton of reasons why that could prove to be a really great idea.

I really like WordPress, however, so something that could integrate a wiki right into WordPress would be ideal at this point in time. And while Googling I found that I’m not the only one who thinks so, so this may actually happen! (Perhaps I should see if I can help them out in some way.) For now, there are also plugins that can emulate wiki-like behavior, such as WpWiki, but for some reason this still feels like a blog plugin to me—not a real wiki. Perhaps someone with some familiarity can convince me why I’d like it.

Right now, I’m not confident enough to believe that I can easily make this change so I’m going to stick with a traditional blog for now, but the moment I get my hands on a computer and a Linux distro in my bigger apartment I’m going to experiment with PhpWiki and others to see what I can do.

Rubik’s Cubes and Meetups

My Rubik’s Cube got me a free pint of mudslide ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s the other day. It has also gotten me a free scoop of ice cream at Cones, and various other freebies around the city. Perhaps I should write a “New York City Rubik’s Cuber’s Freeloading Guide.”

Yesterday I was cubing on the subway and spoke to a group of three teenagers briefly. That night, while walking in the village they saw me again and yelled out bravos and encouragements. I think they were drunk, but it was still pretty neat. Danica thought it was pretty cool, too.

So the cube was definitely something great to learn. I’ve started a New York City Rubik’s Cube Meetup for anyone interested, though so far it’s just me and my lonesome. Hopefully more folks will join in the future. In case it helps, I hold the Meetups at Saint’s Alp Teahouse in the village. The Boggle Meetup meets there as well.

Tonight was also the first time I made it out to the New York City Bipolar Disorder Meetup. Danica came with me, for which I was very happy. It’s the first time in months that we’ve done something I planned. (Usually she cancels on me.) We had a good time, I was glad to be out, and Danica exchanged numbers with the organizer and will potentially have a movie buddy. Good stuff. I plan to attend next month as well, and Danica has said she’d come with me.

All right, it’s bed time. I have a meeting with someone I met from the Entrepneur Meetup I’m in. Not sure what it’s about really, but it’s businessy and might be interesting. ‘Night.

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  1. All I want is a plugin that gives me the ability to embed a wiki into a static page. Using the built-in permissions to determine who can read, change and edit the content. I’d like to set-up some collaborative writing projects without the hassle of setting up a whole new wiki and trying to integrate it into my site.

  2. I don’t know of a package that does quite that…and I also don’t understand exactly what you mean by embedding a wiki into a static page because, well, then it’s not a wiki, is it?

    If all you want is a collaborative editting tool, why don’t you look into Google Docs?

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