Browser Developer Insight and Nightmares

Dave Hyatt, a developer of Apple’s Safari web browser offered some amazingly enlightening insight into the nightmares of browser developers the other day. The only thing I can think to say is: Dave, thanks for trying.

This is a great example of how IE’s inconsistent rendering behavior has long-lasting negative effects on the adoption of CSS not only by web page authors, but web browser authors. As Dave himself says,

So now I really have no choice. This is an example of where the CSS2 standard simply can’t be followed because buggy layout engines have set a bad precedent that the rest of us have no choice but to follow.

It’s a shame that Gecko does not do the right thing in strict mode at least, but I suppose they had no choice in the matter either.

This is reminiscent of back when Opera was beginning to look more and more like Internet Explorer, but at least it’s not a bug this time.