Whistling While I Work

Danica and I only managed to go to sleep nearing 5 AM yesterday. Which is really, really bad. We have so much to do that we just don’t have time to lazy about the house for hours on the few days we have off togethr. I was pissed at myself for not going to bed earlier last night.

I spent about 4 hours last night playing with Knoppix 3.6, since Fedora Core 3 is apparently bipolar too. Who knew? It wouldn’t install on my older PC, but after reading more carefully through the release notes I’m no longer convinced it had anything to do with the bug I encountered on the first pass. Instead, I think I might just need to upgrade the hardware on that box because, unfortuantely, it’s just too old. (Old 350 mhz Celeron, for instance. Blah!)

So I’ll see if I can install Fedora Core 3 on the other machine and hope it’ll take. While I do that, I need to go get a brand new motherboard and other internal components. I’ve never built my own system before, but this is as good a time as any to try it. Nothing fancy, just a good solid fileserver maybe.

This morning, however, I was pleasantly awoken by Danica’s gentle hugs at around half past noon. Late, of course, since I had hoped to be out of here by noon instead. I knew I’d have trouble waking up by going to sleep that late. Danica had prepared coffee and a slice of loaf cake for breakfast and we enjoyed each other’s company in sitting at the makeshift kitchen table.

And for something completely different, as I was blowing air through a small electrical cap for our new Gevalia coffee maker (I got it so we would be spending less money on Starbuck’s, and because it’s surprisingly good), I managed to whistle for the first time ever! I can’t seem to reproduce the effect, but it had me unproportionately excited for a few moments there.

Now it’s off to actually do what we have to do today: shop for cabinets and counter space for the kitchen, pick up random objects from our old apartment, and get curtains, drill bits, and other various items from around the city. Wish me luck and low prices.