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  1. Allow me to indulge:
    You can’t go wrong with this one: ” Strength is the religion of the strong, and weakness is the religion of the weak”. This is, of course, a futile excercise in semantics. Word arrangements may have poetic/philosophical value only within accepted set rules of language. The problem with this excercise is that even when we believe that we “play by the rules” – we are actually far from it. While one may be “super objective” and choose to use language precisely by dictionary definitions, as in legal and or scientific writing, one just cannot keep up LIVING this way, because compared to LIFE, language is still insufficient to encompass reality, especially the one which is more spiritual and emotional. (Sadly, many believe that the spiritual realm is not part of reality – and while this may be another sematic issue of what “reality” is – the emotional/spiritual self has already been scientifically established as a valid human reference point, which impacts our perception of EVERYTHING).
    Having said that, I would like to suggest the following phrase:
    Strength is the pillar of love. Religion is a cruch.

  2. Interestingly, I never intended to make an observation about love, hate, faith, religion, or spirituality.

    I was talking about control. When one loves knowingly, they feel empowered and in control of their life. (At least, I do.) When one holds on to faith like a religion (for anything), it is the belief that controls their actions.

    The comment was an introspective observation of people, not on some philosophical concept or ideal. Did anyone hover their cursor over my block quotation? (A little tip will pop up in most Web browser software.)

  3. I did see the tip, and my comment, however indulgent, was no less introspective observation than yours. Your point is well taken though, and I take a little pride myself, if you will allow me, in shaping your valuesin these matters. You are truly one pupil exceeding his teacher.

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