Carpe Diem

I may have spent only twenty years alive, but you have spent only half your life living.

People frequently comment on how young I am. Ironically, I feel much older than most of the people who have remarked about my age. The above quote goes through my head whenever I speak with someone who makes this observation while showing little maturity of their own.


  1. NIck says:

    Well, in all fairness, considering how little sleep you take, you may have been awake almost twice the amount of most persons your age. But why compare?

  2. Meitar says:

    Don’t pretend to be so altruistic. You compare, too. I’ve heard you do it. And for the record, I don’t compare when I’m actually in a conversation with someone who is as mature (or more so) than I am, and those are the people I spend 90% of my time with. Why would I, when we’re actually having an interesting conversation?

  3. Nick says:

    Seems that anything I say, be it respectful as well, is taken as criticism. I must learn from that. Truth is my comment about comparing was not intended to be critical. It was a (poor, maybe) verbal wink of sorts. Now, just so that you get my perspective (if you want you can use it) – what I get from the “you are young” comment is that people actually are surprized at your maturity, as if saying: ” you are indeed more mature than your age…” – I would take that a compliment. That is my first impression. As for making comparisons, of course I do, it’s hard not to, almost inevitable, and while I don’t think that not making comparisons has anything to do with altruism, my own little comment there: “but why compare” was directed towards the previous sentence I WROTE. Interestingly, if you check all my comments, as well as your replies you will see that while I am careful to be respectful, you have responded as if attacked. As I said – I need to learn from that. Maybe you may discover a thing or two as well about yourself. After all, YOU KNOW so well how non-judgemental and accepting I am of you, how unconditional my love and commitment to you is, and how deep MY bonds to you go – so I invite you to consider that every time you feel as if I attack you. This may have been over-reaction on my part, but for the sake of clarity, I wanted to unload this bit.

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