Starting my Exercise Log

As a fitness dummy, the book Fitness for Dummies has been extremely helpful for me. One of the recommended best-practices the authors write about often is keeping some sort of log of your work outs. I’ll be trying to follow that guideline by blogging about my gym experiences, along with whatever else happens.

The Morning (er, Afternoon)

I woke up a little late today, again, due to falling asleep at an ungodly hour near sunrise. It was two o’clock before I knew what had happened. The morning went smoothly. Danica had gone out right after I woke up (we woke up at about the same time) to fetch breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts. She bought me an apple pie, which I ate half of after eating a mushroom and shallot omlette.

Sleep was not as good as it could have been, however. I am pretty sure I’m coming down with some form of sinus cold. My head is hurting right now, and I’ve had an unusually dry mouth all day long. Nothing, not even drinking water almost non-stop throughout the day, has managed to help.

Before I left for the gym, which I was determined to do today, I called my dentist (something I had been meaning to do for several days) and set up an appointment for the second week of March. Hopefully, everything regarding my missing canine tooth will still be peachy keen by then and the implant procedure can proceed normally. Otherwise, who knows what I’ll have to go through (again) to get this behind me.

Work Out Routine

Finally, at about three o’clock, I left for the gym. I read more of Fitness for Dummies on the subway. When I got to the gym, I changed into my Under Armour gym clothes and hit the floor.

Warm up consisted of five relatively painless minutes on the erg (rowing machine), since that’s the only thing I really know how to do. Then I stretched for about ten minutes; hamstring, calf, thigh, butt, and back stretches. For some reason, my mind seems to enjoy wandering when I’m stretching, which is good because I end up holding the stretch for longer than I probably would otherwise. Shir told me I’m supposed to hold them for at least thirty seconds, though ideally each stretch would be held for a minute.

Then, after the stretching, it was back to the erg. I didn’t push myself as hard as I did the last two times because of my sinus discomfort and dry mouth. I made sure to drink a lot before and after the warm up as well as after the stretches and before the work out, yet I still felt parched within the first five minutes.

To make matters worse, by now I was feeling a slight pain in the back of the roof of my mouth when swallowing. This is a sure sign of a sinus cold and so I did not want to push myself harder than normal. Instead, I set the work out for forty-five minutes and did my best to stay at a split of under 2:30.

In the end, I managed to do pretty well, I think. I averaged a 2:28 split (a split is the amount of time it takes you to row five hundred meters), burned around 540 calories, produced 108 watts of energy, and rowed 9,100 meters total. Not too bad for my fourth time on the thing ever.

After the rowing work out, it was another session of stretching, and then off to the showers. I cleaned up, got dressed, and headed out to street level. When I left the gym, the weather was no less than a blizzard.

Post-Workout Recuperation

I felt pretty good after the work out (I always do), and so I glanced around and decided to eat at a nearby cafe. I was also right next to a bagel store, a great one (mmm, H&H Bagels!), so I called Danica and asked if she wanted a bagel. She said yes, with lox and cream cheese and cucumber, so I bought her two everything bagels, a pack of cream cheese, a few packed slices of Nova-Scotia lox, and two cucumbers from the nearby grocery store.

For myself, I bought a soup-and-sandwhich combo consisting of a toasted panini with proscuito, basil, tomato, and mozzorela (the mozzorela cheese was a bad idea, considering my sinus cold) and a Thai lemon grass chicken soup (which was a great idea for many reasons). I also bought a bottle of carrot juice and a load of fresh carrots to bring home so I could make more.

On the way home, I read more of Fitness for Dummies, and that’s when I read about keeping an exercise log. When I got home, I gave Danica her bagels and cream cheese and lox (she totally forgot about the cucumbers) and went online to catch up with email. I was still drinking about three glasses of water every five minutes, but my sinuses continued demanding more.

Finally a Truly Calm Evening

I had planned to go to my mother’s to do some much-needed laundry. Danica had sorted our laundry from one another’s so we now each have our own piles to do. She told me she would do this before she left, and I was glad to see that it had indeed been done.

Unfortunately, feeling under the weather as I was (and considering the actual snowstorm going on) I decided not to go to my mother’s tonight. I can always do laundry later. Instead, I started preparing carrots for carrot juice.

Danica came into the kitchen during this process and told me she had found plenty of old lyrics she had written years ago. She laughed as she said, You could beat me over the head with it! I’ve been making the same mistakes over and over again, and you know how I know? Because I keep writing about the same thing after each relationship! Naturally, this piqued my interest and when she asked if she could share some of the lyrics she had found, I gratefully accepted.

I said little throughout this entire “heart-to-heart” (no one’s words, just my description, in quotes because it was rather one-way) and I think not saying anything was actually more helpful than sharing my own opinions. Like my father, Danica can easily misinterpret my intended message when I say things (or write things), and I was too busy making carrot juice to risk getting into an argument. (Yes, Aba, I think you have trouble understanding my intentions when I write about them sometimes, which is why my replies to your comments seem defensive to you. On the other hand, I’m still open to suggestions on how I can improve the accuracy of the messages I communicate.)

After I finished preparing the carrot juice (and washing all the dishes, and clearing some of the silverware, and cleaning some parts of the floor), I sat down to have the last bagel. Danica shared some music, I listened and ate quietly. It was now reasonably late (I am guessing that it was sometime around 10:30 PM), and I was getting tired.

When I hopped into the shower, Danica needed to pee. Our shower curtain is somewhat see-through, a remnant of our shopping together as a couple (don’t ask), so whenever someone’s in the shower anyone else can easily see the so-called full monty on the other side. Thanks to our good spirits, Danica and I were still talking.

I can’t remember how the conversation got around to it (she must have been talking about her past), but at one point she brought up certain aspects of the abuse she went through, and I asked a question about it. Her mood instantly shifted, not to anger or any other externally-focused upsetness, but just shifted. She didn’t say anything and instead she took off her clothes and joined me in the shower.

She hugged me and, somewhat taken aback, I didn’t really know what to do. So I hugged her back and tried changing the subject. To make a long story short (and to spare the paragraphs necessary to recall most of our inconsequential conversation from that point on), her happy mood returned shortly thereafter. We ended up showering together, sort of.

For the curious: yes, showering together is arousing. No, nothing really happened. I made the mistake of doing my thinking with the wrong head a few days ago, and I wasn’t about to do it again. It was extremely tempting, however, and Danica’s presence (as well as what she was doing with her hands and other body parts at one point) made turning sex down even more difficult. Nevertheless, reason and emotional awareness did prevail this time. Of course, I ended up waiting for her to finish her shower so I could, um, finish up, on my own.

After that it was email, quick snack (of more carrot juice and a few nuts), and then this entry. Now, it’s off to bed. I still have to get moving on that programming job, do the laundry, buy a vacuum cleaner, and a bunch of other things, but at least I don’t feel so horribly bad anymore.

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  1. Nick says:

    I have trouble understanding? I don’t think so. I simply understand what I understand. That it is sometimes not what you intended, indicates that it is more your problem than mine… after all, if you want me to understand what YOU meant, you will have to consider my “twisted” or even “inept” understanding, and craft your communication with that in mind, as much as you find necessary/worthwhile etc. Honestly, I walk around on this earth thinking that I am capable of correctly interpreting what I encounter, (correctly- being close enough…) and I am willing to show you how, many times, you leave no room for other than a specific interpretation which is a far cry different from your intentions, while you believe that your intentions come clearly across. But you are not special – it happens to the best of us…

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