Brief Backblogging

Taking Care of the Apartment

The other day, I went shopping for some housewares. I got myself a new kettle, Brita® pitcher and some filters, some large tupperware, scissors, and other assorted household necessities. I spent an outrageous amount of money (including groceries for the week), but it felt more than good to actually get that stuff over and done with.

Next came household maintenance, including vacuuming (still need a new vacuum cleaner), taking out the garbage, fixing my paper towel holder thingy which fell off the kitchen wall, dishes, cleaning the bathroom a little, and yet more. Danica has been clearing her stuff out of the way for the past couple of days now and it finally began to show some visible progress two days ago. While the majority of the floorspace is still littered with her stuff and large cardboard and plastic boxes, there is actually more space to spread my own things out now.

Most of the cleaning involved picking up discarded tissues, toilet paper, and napkins that had been left by Danica. I tossed an empty toilet paper cylinder (at least she had replaced it on her own this time), did some of her dishes, wiped down the table and kitchen counter, collected some of her reciepts and papers into more manageable piles, and put some of her knick-knacks into her moving boxes. It will certainly be a relief not to have to continue to do this sort of cleaning up after her. (Note to self: if I get a roommate, ensure that they are capable of actually keeping a tidy space.)

I don’t have nearly enough crap to fill up the whole apartment, but having extra space is always nice. She has called the movers and set a date—this upcoming Wednesday, which would be the 9th of March—for the (major part of the) move. This means I intend to collect no less than one-and-a-half week’s rent money from her immediately, and I left a note for her to that effect just now.

Nights are Quiet

Interestingly, Danica called me about an hour ago and told me she would not be coming home tonight. She is spending the second night in a row tonight babysitting a co-worker’s pet. In fact, she is adopting the pet. When she called and told me that she had been given cat food and booze, I told her to remember that the cat food is for the pet and the booze is for her, and that it was very important that she did not mix the two up.

Keeping a sense of humor about such things is very helpful. It’s also easy for me to do when I’m exhausted. I only managed to sleep about three hours last night and still kept my Squash date with my uncle. Playing Squash was an intense workout, but it was also very fun. I’m looking forward to another game next Sunday.

It’s still very hard for me to be alone here. When Danica is fully moved out it will mark the very first time in my life where I am truly, completely alone. I will somehow have to make a home of this house, at least for the next year, and right now that seems impossible to do when I have to do it all on my own.

In Other Personal News

The other noteworthy events that have happened over the past couple of days are fading from my memory very quickly. I have little desire to save them from slipping away, however, because I feel they are mostly superfluous to everything I have already written about with one exception, which is still too half-baked and personal for me to feel comfortable sharing with the world. This is the reason for my lack of intense self-reflection lately.

Instead, I have been a bit of an online social butterfly lately, engaging in various debates on online sites, friends’ blogs, and the like. One particularly interesting conversation took place with a pastor’s wife and involved the controvercial Vagina Monologues play. I was proud of myself for showing such intense and fierce loyalty to my friend in this discussion.

Short Self-Studies on Abraham Maslow

I’ve also been doing some very general research on a one Abraham Maslow who is most famous for his theory of the so-called Hierarchy of Need among living creatures. I never heard of this before, nor of the man, but apparently everyone else has.

Reading a few articles on his work made me feel exceptionally bright; I have been articulating many of the same things as he said years ago for a long time in various forms. In fact, I was reminded of the time when Charla first introduced me to Ayn Ran.

She had said, Are you sure you’ve never heard of her before? I assured her I had not, and wanted to know more about why she was relevant to our discussion on ethics and morals. She told me, and I will never forget this because it makes me feel so validated (and smart), Because you’re saying everything we learned in our lecture today about her. Those who call me arrogant are absolutely correct in their assessments.

Anyway, while reading about Maslow’s theories, I was very glad to notice many traits of what he termed self-actualizers in myself. I noticed both the positive traits and the negative traits, however, so this self-study has not helped me reach any conclusions to the question, “Would I really prefer to be an average person?” (Sometimes I ask that question hourly, usually triggered by different things, and usually set aside with the temporary conclusion that no, I would not prefer it.)

Nevertheless, it was educational, informative, and now I have some ammunition to back up what I’ve been saying about people and their motivations, wants, and needs (and the difference between the three) for a long time. Personally, I found plenty of his work to be extremely simplistic, but Maslow himself admitted to this and this mitigates my scorn of some of his methodologies and conclusions. There is no doubt that there is much ground left to cover for future philosophical psychologists.

Hell, maybe I should be doing that instead of writing computer code for a living.

Back to the Practical

In the meantime, however, I have a dental appointment scheduled for eight o’clock tomorrow morning (er, this morning now) so there isn’t much time to be contemplating what my calling is. I’m a little pissed that I haven’t figured that out yet. I know, I know, patience is a virtue.

After the dental exam, I don’t have any concrete plans for the day. My calendar is full of Meetup meetings, starting with Tuesday’s Mac Meetup Group (which I currently organize) and continuing every day with a different group until Friday’s Rubik’s Cube Meetup (which I also organize, but which currently has only one local member—me! Come on and get out here folks, I’ll teach you to solve it yourself in a matter of days). I am hoping to meet some interesting people this week.

I desperately need an extended social life. I love you all (I’m speaking to my frequent commenters now), but none of you save for family is in New York, and now that I have my own bachelor pad, I should probably be putting it to good use with parties and whatnot. Or at the very least haul my ass off to other people’s apartments for parties.

This seems like as good a way as any to expand my social horizons, so I’m going to see what comes of it. Of course, I have no interest in getting to know people I don’t like, so clubbing and hitting the bars are out. Since I don’t go to school or have any other structured social activity like a nine-to-five, that pretty much forces me to get creative.

Feel free to pass any suggestions you might have my way. Many thanks, and a Gmail account to you and a friend of your choosing if your suggestion nets me a new acquaintance.

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  1. I was proud of myself for showing such intense and fierce loyalty to my friend in this discussion.”

    I was proud of you too! And thankful for the support. ::huggles:: You’re the best. :)

    p.s…I’m glad I’ve achieved friend status. :P

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