So Tired After Moving Days

Just a few notes before I take a nap, or possibly retire for the day.

  • On Wednesday, the movers came to take the bulk of Danica’s belongings to her new apartment. Despite earlier insistence that I would not help her out in the morning, I ended up waking up slightly prior to eight o’clock to help her disassemble the sofa and gather a few other things. The movers were out of here by nine o’clock, and Danica left shortly thereafter to meet them at her new place.

    I spent a great deal of the day surfing online and trying to do work. I was too tired to really be productive nor did I feel capable of going to the gym, but in the end I did manage to switch the Maymay Media weblog template over to the new design and fix up the home page a little. I still need to do a lot of work on that site.

  • Later that afternoon, just before it started getting dark, Danica returned to the apartment. She started packing various other things she left here (evidently there’s no such thing as “moving day” for her) as I was on the computer. In the evening, I decided to come downtown with her to help her take more things on a single trip.

    We left the apartment at around 9:30 PM, and I did not make it back home until almost two o’clock in the morning. The trains were running local for some reason, the stuff was heavy, and the elevators in the station were acting up. Eventually, we made it to her new place and set her things down.

    I got to meet Georgi, her new cat, who took to me instantly. (I’m a cat person; they like me.) Then we went out for dinner (pizza) at Two Boots. Saying goodbye was awkward and Danica wanted me to stay at her place for the night. Nevertheless, I took the long, boring subway ride I know so damn well back home and got back online to check email before what was supposed to be a decently-early bedtime.

    I actually didn’t go to sleep until 8:30 AM. I was tired, but somehow I couldn’t get used to the emptyness of the apartment, so I sat at my computer all night importing as many of Danica’s CDs she still had here. She said she’d be back early this morning to come and pick up more of her things. By the time she arrived I had been sleeping for several hours.

  • She woke me up, um, rather sexually sometime around noon. She was moody pretty much from then on all day today. She later confessed to not taking her medications for almost two weeks now because she can’t find them anywhere. This was not really a surprise considering the monumental and drastic mood swings she’s been having today. (Crying, laughing, crying, laughing, you know the drill.)

    She packed more of her things, but not all of them. (Yes, there really is that much…stuff.) We ordered Indian takeout for breakfast (er, lunch, actually) and then she packed some more. She left moments ago in tears, saying that she was angry at herself for not getting as many things done today as she had planned. (That always happens, though. Even to me.)

So due to my extremely long Wednesday and total lack of sleep, I completely fucked up today. I had intended to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Christine (she called me yesterday and we made plans) but I had to break them before I went to bed in the morning since I knew I would be useless today. (I sent her a SMS, which I really hope she received.)

After that, I had wanted to go to the Web Design Meetup, and had I done so this would have been the first Web Design Meetup that I attended. As it stands now, however, I’m going to have to wait another month since there’s no chance in hell that I’ll be able to make it this time anymore.

This is really, really frustrating because it feels like yet another day going by that I don’t have my life in order. I imagine Danica feels similarly, but at least I can handle it, well, not that badly. And now to forget about everything for a few hours to prevent my head from hitting the keyboard.

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  1. The Maymay Media site is looking great! Also, the little side blurb above did not show up in my bloglines subscription: “I mess up my sleep cycles once again, destroying my plans for today. Danica feels bad too. She’s almost moved out now.” Not sure if it is supposed to or not, but thought I would pass that along.

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