The Groove of Things

While I was not as productive as I would have hoped last night, I was plenty productive today. In fact, I’ve had one of those incredibly full days again, though in light of my current state of literally painful exhaustion it will not be documented as thoroughly as it might otherwise have been. That is another one of those good signs that means I’m really beginning to get myself on some sort of roll, even if I’m not sure what that roll is yet.

Squash the Schooling

I was smart enough to try and, thankfully, actually able to take a nap sometime around eight o’clock in the morning today. Since I had woken up at seven o’clock in the evening the previous day, I knew that I was in danger of fucking up my entire Sunday if I either did or didn’t take that nap. I really didn’t know what was going to happen today, but the nap actually saved the whole day.

I woke up at around 12:30 PM when my alarm clock went off for the third time. (I snoozed.) Getting up was the hardest part. Nevertheless, I made it out of the house on time and headed toward my uncle’s for our scheduled Squash game.

The game went swimmingly, though we didn’t have as much time on the courts as last time. I made sure to stretch thoroughly both before and after the game this time, since last week I forgot to stretch after playing and my whole body ached for days. I’m also getting noticeably better remarkably fast! (Yay.)

After that, we stopped off at Gray’s Papaya so that I could try, for the first time, one of their supposedly mindblowing hot dogs. They were extremely good (admittedly the best hot dogs I’ve ever had) but I wouldn’t have given them that much praise. Perhaps I’m just not a dog person.

Anyway, I shared the excitement of my recent communications and hypertext experiments with my uncle. Somehow, the conversation strayed off onto the horrendous copy I have written on my web site, and from there it strayed further away towards schooling. I’ll be tight-lipped about the whole thing and just say that I quietly waded through at least a good half-hour lecture on the importance and benefits of schooling.

I’ve heard that lecture before, and I don’t even disagree with it. Nevertheless, I am always frustrated when people try to convince me of things that they seem to think I am not convinced about. I’ve learned to just quiet myself instead of arguing with the person, since this conversation never goes anywhere.

However, one of the absolute gems I gleaned from the conversation was that in order to write effective marketing copy (which is essentially what business web sites are), one needs to ask oneself a single question. “What is the benefit for the client of my product or service?” When I got home, I started re-writing my entire business web site while trying to keep that thought in my mind.

I think I did a pretty good job, but I’m sure that it can still be improved. My uncle and I have another Squash date next Saturday, and he offered to give me his input on my web site if I arrived early. I would like to take him up on his offer, as my uncle is probably the best businessman and marketer that I know.

BYTE the Dust

While I was still working on rewriting all of the copy for my business web site, I got a phone call from the person who invited me out to the BYTE party tonight. We made plans to meet and I started getting ready to go out. Our plan, which we kept, was to meet at 11:45 PM (too late for my liking, but that’s how these parties work) and would head to the club sometime shortly after midnight.

As I feared, the party was a rather typical stand-and-model affair, not something I generally enjoy. The music was preposterously loud, the venue was ridiculously small, and the crowd was…actually the crowd was the best thing about the whole affair, but I was still left feeling pretty bored for a great deal of the time. Thankfully, I ran into someone I knew from my old affiliations with New York University’s WHAP club, an extra-curricular club which has since dissolved. Meeting him and getting to catch up on some old times literally saved the night.

At worst, it was a boring parade of fashionistas and snobbish, drunken partygoers whose apparent purpose in life is to rock out to techno and trance. At best, it was a night out trying to be social in spite of the loud, pounding music, a chance to let myself practice having fun in relatively unpleasant social situations, and a constant show of tight clothes and lots of flesh. I have absolutely no intention of doing this on a regular basis, but the fact that I haven’t been out in so long made tonight far more palpable, even to the point of almost being truly enjoyable.

Interestingly, I also ran into an ancient acquaintance from the BDSM scene. We chit-chatted a little, remarked on how long it’s been since we saw one another, and caught up on some of the shallower aspects of each other’s lives. I have no doubt that there will be talk of me in my old social circles now, and though I expect no repercussion, I do wonder what inevitable ripples may come of it.

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Other things that either happened today or that I thought about today:

  • I gave Danica a call to pick up her things, and she said she’d come gather the rest of her belongings tonight. When I left the house it was nearing eleven o’clock, so I gave her a call and told her to reschedule for another time since I knew it would be impractical for her to lug her suitcase up to my apartment and then all the way back down so late at night. She left me a message apologizing for the ill-concieved planning, and I responded with a SMS telling her not to worry, but to pick up her things as soon as she could.

  • I toyed with the idea of writing a “Ten Things to Watch Out for in Underground Nightclubs” list, but could only think of three off the top of my head, so I’ll leave that for another time.

  • NYCwireless, an organization promoting the adoption of wireless networking technologies in New York City, has sent a call for volunteers to aid in the implementation of a new design for their site in CSS. Feeling somewhat more confident of my abilities after my recent experiments, I sent them a letter offering my volunteer services and will see what comes of it.

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  1. Nick Moscovitz says:

    1. Hot dogs. They are not GOOD when you like them, these are rather not bad.
    2. Marketing. Planning for maximum return for the long(est) term.
    3. Clubbing. Annonimously squeezing into the crowd and noise, so as to effectively loose personal awareness, and belong to a greater being. Not much different from religion.
    4.Schooling. Anything and everything is a school, if you can learn.
    5. While your uncle is a good businessman, you should get to know others, if you think he’s the best you know.
    6. Rippling. Effective when you touch others. Less effective when you stay at home, alone. (Duhh)
    7. Achronyms. Hypertext like snippets.

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