2 replies on “Polyamory Will Save the World”

  1. AHH! Polyamory! Run! I’ve seen this in action so many times! Run! Scary! Arrrrgh!

    Only 1 of many cases have I seen it work…and that’s only because of 1 person making it work…not the combined whole.


  2. Indeed a good read. The issue is loaded. Too much for a simple reply. While I can agree with most statements, I can quite easily cojure compelling statements to the contrary. Packaging a “lifestyle” under a term, monogamy or polyamory, is so easy. Making it a good, satisfying and successful way of being is not easy. Hell, life is not easy. I do not believe it was ever meant to be easy. Yet, discussing it with integrity is helpfull.
    I will read this again.

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