Christianity Is Too Complicated

Via Char on IM.

I decided that Christianity has some good uses, good ideas, lousy implementation. It’s hard to disagree with “Uh, hey guys, why can’t we just, you know, be nicer to each other? Not be so judgmental? No one’s perfect after all.”

I was like, “Yeah, that’s a good idea! Rock on.” But there’re all these flippin’ rules about things like, yeah, we should be nicer to each other but only every other Tuesday when the wind blows from the South.

2 replies on “Christianity Is Too Complicated”

  1. Christianity, like all religions are about acquiring or relinquishing power and control. It is and forever will be a matter of economy, even in its purest spirituality… If there is anything to learn from it, it is whatever made it so powerful, and those who run/represent it, so rich. Nice to each other… sure. This concept is valid only because it works better in the long run. Because nature and the universe must proliferate and diversify otherwise it is stagnant and will die, which it does anyway… To diversify effectively one must WELCOME others, be “nice”, and that much christianity (and other social, cultural, concepts) “understands”. Even ISLAM holds this concept in the highest regard, in spite of what it seems to have evolved into. Any straying to non-acceptance of diversity is an abberation. Sadly, most of what we hear about are those sick instances of xenophobic expressions. Being nice is the default.

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