Maymay Dot Net’s Site Usage has Tripled during 2004

A quick snapshot off Webalyzer showing my site's increase in traffic over the past year. This is quite a rise, from less than 19,000 hits a month to more than 77,000 a month. I wonder when it will level off?

I was checking my server logs today, which I don’t do nearly often enough, and this interesting trend emerged very obviously from just a short glance at Webalyzer’s statistics. Over the past year, my site’s traffic has more than tripled from its low point of just under 19,000 hits per month (in August of 2004) to a high of over 77,000 hits per month (in February of 2005).

The actual visitor count sounds less impressive but actually shows even more dramatic improvement over the course of the year. (Remember, hits are the total number of HTTP requests, not the number of unique visitors to a site.) In May of 2004, this site was drawing approximately 900 unique visitors during the course of the month. During March of 2005, over 11,000 unique visitors have viewed my site. That’s over a ten-fold increase in visitor traffic in the span of one year.

Of course, this makes sense. Blogs are lovely things for traffic and the longer one keeps one going the more traffic one is bound to generate. Overall, this is encouraging, though it also serves as a poignant reminder to check my server logs more often, damnit! Seriously, there’s nothing more beneficial to a site owner than knowing what, exactly, is going on within their site.

Another interesting point is that for nearly the past half year, one of the most popular search terms that have garnered me the most referrals from Google included the words “cygwin ssh x11 forwarding” or thereabouts. That’s because of this old entry on Cygwin X11 forwarding through an SSH tunnel that I wrote about and discovered a bit of a snaffu you might run into. What’s interesting to note about this is that that particular entry, due to its dense keywords placement and good KEI rank, has been solely responsible for a significant portion of my hits from search engines. Wow!

I really ought to find out how to glean more and better information from these server log thingies. I’ve never really invested enough time into learning how to properly understand them, which seems very worth doing now. (So maybe I’ll get started on that soon.)

Also, it’s not only good to know where my readers are coming from and what they’re looking at, but also where they’re going to when I send them off-site with my links. That’s where MyBlogLog comes in really handy, and it has already given me some valuable insight into what you people click on and when. :)

Anyway, here’s three cheers for traffic. Just don’t go crazy overboard and run up my bandwidth bills, y’hear? Or if you do, the least you can do is donate a little to help me pay them!