Aching Body

I think I might be coming down with something. I woke today with major aches and pains all through my body. My back, my legs, my arms, and my feet were especially painful. Despite this, I did make it out to the New York City Web Design Meetup, albeit an hour late.

The Meetup went extremely well. I found myself answering more questions than I asked, and the questions I did ask had nothing to do with web design. I spoke at length about CSS, the natural document flow, the semantic web, and all that various web design usability and accessibility stuff I always spout. People seemed impressed, which is good, and I gave my card out to most everyone in the group.

There were some great tips from others as well, mostly centering around software applications (Firefox extensions, web design editors, and the like), and there was also a somewhat-heated yet brief debate over the usability and purpose of Flash within web sites. Naturally, I maintain that a Flash movie is not and never will be a web site. One of the points I failed to make at the meeting, however, was that HTML is what delivers the Flash content in the first place. Designers would do well to remember this fact!

After the meetup, myself and two other attendees (one from the Mac Meetup I run and the other from the Sci-Fi Meetup who I travelled home with again tonight) walked over to a chinese restaurant for dinner. (For me, it was breakfast.) We talked at length about various other things, most notably WEP/WPA encryption, PKI and cryptography, and bits and pieces relating to OpenSSL and network administration (like the use of VNC and stuff of that sort).

Right now, however, I am in major pain and looking forward to collapsing on my bed. Wish me well, since tomorrow I’m hosting the WordPress Meetup for the first time as well as the Rubik’s Cube Meetup down in the Village.

Oh, and in case you missed the quiet announcement yesterday, I’ve started podcasting.

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