Greetings from the Apple Store in SoHo

MetroMac Meeting and Leadership Introductions

Just one of those obligatory greetings. I’m at the Apple Store in SoHo and just attended a MetroMac meeting on backing up and restoring data. It was pretty interesting, but very user-level. That is, rather simple and not really as advanced as I was hoping to learn about. Many different forms of backup media were discussed but none were really explored in depth.

More important than that, however, was the introductions I was able to procure with the MetroMac leadership. I met Chris as well as Bill, two of the MetroMac leaders. I was also introduced to Peter, the current webmaster. They both welcomed me. Bill even knew who I was from my Meetup pictures before I ever said a word.

I told them about the new fee structure and how I was moving the Meetup group over to Yahoo! Groups. We spoke about potential cooperation between the two of us, and Chris said he’d like to make the next meeting we hold. I gave both of them my card. Overall, a productive meeting and I’m glad I came out here tonight.

Parting Thoughts

As a side note, an anonymous poster has left a fascinating comment on my last blog entry about bipolar disorder and the bipolar’s catch-22. He or she has some interesting points and I’d like to explore them more in depth. If you’re reading this, anonymous poster, then know that you’ve stewed some reflective juices in me and you’re not being ignored. I’ll blog about that soon and share my thoughts.

Also, I’m heading over to Times Square to meet with Sara, another person I met who is fast becoming a friend. We are planning on walking around and seeing Sin City together tonight. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and, just like I said I would, managed to plan to meet with friends this week. That’s the power of intention.

Finally, if you didn’t catch my recent entries on the subject yet, I’ve been audioblogging a bit lately. I find it really interesting and surprisingly comfortable. It’s certainly easier when I’m on the move then trying to find a computer, so I’m enjoying the additional outlet.

And with that, I’m off to meet Sara for a movie.

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  1. Mei, darling, you never emailed me. It made me sad. *pout* Hehe, so you should get off your bum and do so, and also get online when I’m upso that we can chat. We have a ton of catching up to do. *hugs*

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