Aggregating Personal Content as “Mini Blogs”

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that I should do this, but it did. With that out of the way, say hello to my mini blogs.

First, what’s a mini blog? Basically, a mini blog is just a blog about a specific topic whose owner doesn’t really write lots of stuff for. Mini blogs are especially well-suited to things like links, hence, link blog. Yes, I know, it’s a whole new bunch of jargon to keep track of.

Second, I don’t really have them set up as blogs so the name mini blog is somewhat misleading. Instead, they’re just pages which will change pretty frequently because they’re pulling RSS feeds from all over the place and displaying them. So, among other things, there are no local archives for now. That’s not really so hard to do, but it’s not a priority for me right now.

The main cool thing here is that folks who aren’t up on the RSS bandwagon can still, basically, keep track of all of my goings-on around the ‘net via these pages because I’ll be publishing everything I do on other sites over here as well. Again, however, no archives, so if you miss some stuff you’re going to have to track it down yourself.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to notify folks about. I hope you enjoy it. (Right now there’s just one posted, but there are soon to be more than five or so. Also, it’s very hackish right now and thus ugly, but I can deal with that in time.)

Update: Some post-post (get it, get it?) notes that I’ve been musing over:

  • The versatility of what can be done with RSS and content syndication has just begun to hit the mainstream. As always, this is all thanks to its incredible usefulness.
  • Being able to provide an overview of the massive amount of stuff I do online in one place is a huge usability benefit for readers, but as well as for me. I’ve been doing it for a long time now by using RSS to keep track of sites I like (even if I like a site, if it doesn’t publish an RSS or Atom feed, I’m not keeping up with it), but now I can do it for readers without forcing them to get a newsreader and adapt to a new technology.
  • As far as information architecture goes, I think I’ve finally done a half-way decent job on my personal site. That’s rare because I always hate doing work on personal projects. Professional projecs are a totally different story, and I love working on them. However, my personal online life has always been an incredible mess, but now it’s starting to look like I’m getting things under control.
  • I’ve firmly become a fan of RSS version 2.0 over other versions (especially the nasty-lookin’ RDF) and Atom. It’s just easier to work with.

Also, two new mini blogs (agreggation pages) have been added, so there’s a bunch more content there now. Still not done, so there’ll be even more in no time flat. (Maybe tomorrow?)