Summer and Cats On the Horizon and Getting Closer

I’ve always wanted a pet for as long as I can remember. The most obvious choice for me is a cat. I love cats. I’m a cat person. I’m arguably somewhat feline myself.

Now that I have an apartment it’s only a matter of time before I get myself a cat. However, if left solely up to me, I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon because I’m so caught up in the rest of my life at the moment that I can’t imagine spending the time to actually go find and/or rescue one from somewhere. (I have this thing against pet stores, so I’m not walking into a pet store to get a pet despite its obvious convenience.)

However, it looks like several pieces of my life are coalescing nicely, the culmination of which will finally mean I’ll be a proud caretaker of a cat with whom I live. Most directly related to this is the fact that I’m going to have a roommate for the Summer and possibly the early Fall as well.

Sara came over last Thursday night to see the place. She thoroughly loved it, which is spectacular because it means she wants to move in after graduation. This eases the urgency (though not the direness) of my financial situation considerably, which is the reason I was looking for a roommate to begin with.

The fact that Sara happens to be an amazing person and is kink- and bi-friendly (both bipolar and bisexual) places huge mounds of icing on an already delicious cake. And, back to my point, she’s all over the idea of getting a cat, too! Yay!

If the cat I get is male then I’m probably going to name him Rubik assuming he doesn’t already have a name. (I also have issues with renaming pets if you know of a previous name and if the pet hasn’t asked you to rename it.) I’m still thinking of a name for a female cat. Also, of course, I’m still thinking of the logistics of how to actually turn my living room into a workspace and a sleeping space at the same time.

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  1. I am wodering if odd name reminds of something…
    I actually knew someone by this name. She was Rumanian. Beautiful blond with a rediculous accent, who was about 30 when I was 7…. Go figure.

  2. hi Meitar

    If u get a cat, it’s better to get two.
    I have two cats, and they r happy together, not lonely or bored.

    chag same’ach

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