Success! No More Thrashing Laptop!

Wow, finally! I’ve been having such ridiculous RAM trouble with my laptop lately, trying to install more of it (RAM) so that my laptop would stop thrashing so badly.

At first, it took me about a week to get the damned RAM cover popped open (don’t ask), then the RAM I bought turned out to be dead (yeah, dead), which meant that I had to purchase another stick, deal with customer “service” to get my refund, and then wait for the new stick to arrive. Augh, what a pain in the you-know-where. So today, when I came back from breakfast with Sara, I found the package from Memory Stock in my mailbox.

With bated breath, I popped the RAM cover off my laptop, carefully pushed the stick in, and turned the computer on. I entered the BIOS, scanned the screen and voila! Succss! Aw man, this thing feels like it’s running five times faster (or more) now. Thank the gods!

As a side note, I remember back when I was at Best Buy’s Geek Squad (who suck like the dickens) and I saw a laptop of the same make and model as mine in their shop. I asked the “geek” on duty, What’s wrong with that one? He replied, Running slow, but there’s nothing wrong with it, to which I smirked, glanced about for the owner, and upon seeing noone around I said nothing more. Instead, I thought to myself, Idiots, of course it’s running slow. It ships with Windows XP/Home and a measly 192MB of RAM.

The point: if you’re having trouble with your computers, bring it to your friendly neighborhood geek. Don’t take it to a store. Computer know-how like this has literally saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in simple problems like this, not to mention hours upon hours of time. (Except, of course, when I purchase dead RAM. Grr.)

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