Week of Whirring Activity

Thursday, Friday and Saturday have gone by in a whir of activity. The fact that my 365 Days of Duct Tape desk-top calendar is stuck on Thursday, April 28th despite my best efforts to keep it updated is proof of this. That’s pretty much how these last three weeks have been for me.

To Be On Thursday

On Thursday, I woke up late and barely made it out on time to my CSS meeting in midtown. I met with two other web designers there who I had first met at the Web Design Meetup several weeks ago. The meeting was cut short because I had wanted to rush back up to the Columbia Univeristy area to hop into the final Philosophy Forum of the year. (And also to grab free pizza.)

I caught the tail end of a discussion on selfishness, what it is and whether or not it’s good or bad. Philosophy Forum is one of those intensely enjoyable sessions of intellectual masturbation, and everyone’s always got an interesting opinion on this or that. Melinda and Hannah were both there so I took the opportunity to further impress upon them how much I wanted to see them at Friday night’s party.

Genevieve, a girl I’m acquainted with via the Games Club and who I encouraged to come to Philosophy Forum (because it’s her sort of thing), was there as well. After the discussion had wound down (late as usual) and I said my goodbyes to Melinda and to Hannah, Genevieve and I meandered around the campus and talked. It was the first time I’d really gotten to speak to her in person and, as I’d suspected when I first met her, she’s quite the intelligent person.

By the time we had made our way to the bank and back again it was past 9:30 PM. Hamlet, a production being put on by a group I’d later learn was the King’s Crown troupe, had already started an hour earlier and I had plans to meet with Sara to watch the show. Genevieve decided to come with me and the two of us met Sara near the steps of the library, where Hamlet was just beginning his famous To be or not to be? monologue.

Genevieve left not long after, but I stayed with Sara to see the end of the show. Two other friends I know were in the show in supporting roles, and I had a lot of fun watching them. It was, however, rather chilly so after the play finished a group of seven of us went to Pinaccle for the warmth and the food. There, over discussion of renfaires and theater and recent events, I had a slice of pizza and a cup of vegetable soup for dinner.

It was well past two o’clock in the morning by the time we disbanded. I lent Jamie my camera, made Megan and Sara promise to take me to renfaires over the summer, and said goodnight to everyone else. Then Sara and I hopped into her studio to prep her thesis painting a bit and, after that, finally headed to her dorm for the night.

I watched a few episodes of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit while Sara finished sewing my costume for the following night’s party. (Oh, right, did I mention it was a toga party?)

Playing Hitchhiker and Guide on Friday

On Friday we woke up at about 2:30 PM and within minutes were dressed and walking towards the Broadway gates of the Columbia University campus. We met up with a large group of Sara’s friends and friends of her friends to go see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at 3:30 PM near Lincoln Center. It wasn’t until I was at the theater sitting with my hot dog and watching previews that I felt truly awake. Nothing like a cinema’s hot dogs for breakfast if you ask me.

The movie was a lot of fun and I’m sure I didn’t really understand half of it since I’ve never read the books. Still, it was finally nice to understand some of the references everyone was making on the train ride down. Six of us chose to eat “lunch” at Deluxe after returning to the campus area. The wait staff took forever and a day to get us seated and served. I had macaroni and cheese. Yummy.

After lunch, I picked up my bag which I had left at Sara’s for the movie and left for home to shower, change, and get ready for Friday’s “College Night” party. Angelique, who had expressed interest in attending, sent me an email which said that she had decided not to come out that evening. I managed to do a little bit of catching up in the two hours or so that I was home, showered, cleaned the kitchen floor and did the dishes, and then put on my costume (a red tunic with black stitch hemming) for the party.

I made a quick stop at Mom’s apartment before heading down because I had to get the mail and water her plants. When I was done with the routine maintenance I called Sara up and planned to meet her at her dorm since she was still waiting on her friend to get ready. On the way to her dorm I stopped at Games Club to say hi (and subsequently to say bye) to everyone there. Then Sara, her friend, and I headed downtown to the party together.

Toga, Toga, Toga

At the party, I got to see a lot of old faces, some not-so-old ones, and a few totally new ones. I spoke with a woman I had not met before, caught up a lot of old acquaintances and some friends with my life (answering such questions as “What have you been up to?” gets routine after the twentieth time or so) and had a fantastic evening myself. I guided Melinda and Hannah around for a while, but they quickly found their feet and were well enough on their own.

Afterwards, as the sun was slowly rising, a group of us went out for breakfast at a nearby 24-hour restaurant. I felt like we were at an ancient tavern somewhere in nomadic Europe because a couple of guys sitting by me kept telling stories, some I’d heard a thousand times before, to Sara and the other new folk.

I was reminded several times throughout the night of my various past experiences, both good and bad. That night’s party, however, was different than any I’d ever been to before because of how different I am now in contrast with two years ago. I amazed myself again that night, and I’m proud of it. That said, however, I still stick to what I said on my audio blog about keeping different parts of my life in balance with one another.

Quick Saturday

Sara and I spoke a bit on her bed before sleep took us. I couldn’t sleep well, however, and I woke up just prior to eight o’clock. I went to shower and checked my emails and surfed the web until Sara woke up at 9:30 AM. She had to leave to hang her thesis at the gallery and I tried to nap a while longer. Ultimately, however, I couldn’t sleep so I left for home and spent the rest of the day milling about while trying to rest. (Unfortuantely, I had to cancel my squash game, too.)

Also, I cut my hair rather drastically after a shower. That’s probably worth noting so you guys aren’t too surprised by the difference in how I look.

Plans for Today

Sleep has been fitful tonight as well. I made plans with Aba (my father) to meet early this morning (Sunday) so I can pick up the computers he has for me. After that, I want to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with Sara to see the Sakura Matsuri festival (that’s the Japanese Spring cherry blossom festival) and to talk to her about recent events more.

I also need to go buy more milk, because something tells me coffee is going to come in really handy today.

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  1. One of my insecurities about ever coming to stay with you for any longer period of time is the fact that I find myself much less interesting than all of the other people you seem to suround yourself with. Most of them seem to be very motivated and going places, while I am stuck temporarily treading water. I am glad though, that this seems to be an issue only in my head, because I love the friendship we have, and hope that silly insecuritied won’t damage it.

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