Moving Up

I just ran my ego-search and I’ve moved up from third place to second place in a search for “moscovitz” on Google. It looks like the changes I implemented several weeks ago have indeed had the desired effect.

Some of the changes I made were:

  • Placed my name into the headers on the home page.
  • Used my name as anchor text in links on other sites to the home page.
  • Streamlined the HTML and reducing the size of the head sections of my pages.
  • Added my name to the header of my blog description on each page.
  • Added my name to the title of selected pages.
  • Updated my site more frequently, including writing in my blog more often and agreggating the content I write for other sites onto my main site.

After all this, however, there are still more things I can do such as:

  • Move my name to the beginning of the title instead of the end, especially on the home page.
  • Add unique meta tags for each page, especially the description.
  • Submit my site to the web directories (rather than just the search engines).
  • Optimize my keywords for stemming, proximity grouping, and popularity.

Thankfully, search engine optimization is something I consider from the start of every web development project, and it’s something I built the hooks into for my own site from the redesign. This would have been a nightmare if I had to retrofit the entire site rather than doing it right the first time. And now the benefits are really showing through.


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