Relevancy Messages Catching On?

I wonder if my relevancy message tests will ever catch on. I already use them to great effect on my own sites, but I’ve yet to see them anywhere else on the web.

That said, I just ran a google search for “relevancy messages” and my PHP test page for dynamic relevancy messages came up in the first page as the ninth result. That’s pretty encouraging, considering there were 315,000 results.

I’d be very interested to hear from others who are using this technique, similar techniques, or are interested in implementing such usability enhancements on their own sites.

Update: Turns out, if you remove mentions of the word ‘ad’ from the previous search, my PHP test page jumps up to the sixth spot. Makes sense, since it’s mostly marketing folks who are interested in “increasing ad relevancy” and the like. Come to think of it, why can’t my technique be used to place ads? Now there’s a thought….