Focus Shift Toward the Personal

As much as I tried, I have been unable to prevent a decidedly powerful shift in the focus of my life away from professional pursuits back towards personal ones. That’s a little frustrating because it means I’ve been lax in my committments (mostly volunteer efforts) and have not continued setting up the various new components of my home network as I would have liked. On the other hand, some months ago I had been riding a wave of professionalism instigated by the break up with Danica, so this shift back both makes sense and is very much needed.

I can just be with that right now.

Recap of Last Thursday (the 12th)

  • Met with Cal: Of all the things we talked about, two things struck me strong enough that I remember them now.

    1. There are three different components to most sorts of “success” the majority of people seek. These are health, wealth, and relationships. For practical reasons, it is often most important to focus on nourishing relationships because through these come opportunities to make money, which, once obtained, allows one to more easily manage and deal with health costs.
    2. In the context of social networking, there are at least two but possibly three kinds of people in a network. There are people with information, talent, or skills in some arena. These people can be seen as end-points in a mesh network. These people know other people who also know other people, connectors, who act like networking hubs. Identifying the connectors within a social circle is an important skill in order to be able to network efficiently.
  • Picked up my single-tail whip: Last week, my father informed me that he purchased a single-tail for me so after the meeting with Cal I rushed downtown to meet him and his friend, the purveyor of said whip, to pick it up. As it turned out, I was actually given a choice between several single-tails. I chose a green and black one specifically because it looks funky.

    The three of us went out for a late lunch of falafels and hummus where my father’s friend (who goes by the name “Nickeesir”) gave me a quick crash-course in the care and maintenance of a single-tail. The kind my father had gotten me is made of nylon, which is great because the maintenance of a nylon single-tail is apparently infinitely easier than one made out of kangaroo or another leather. I learned about the whip’s make, how to change the popper, and generally about what it can do.

    Note to self: get some pictures of the thing up. Also, get those videos which my brother took of me cracking the thing up, because that’s really pretty awesome. In them, you can see the whip unrolling smoothly. It’s quite beautiful.

  • Nightclub with Sara: For a short while I sat down and surfed the web, did some (very little) work, and checked up on my email and newsfeeds at a new WiFi café called Snice near 14th Street, near where I used to live in the Village. Sara came downtown and joined me for a walk as the café was closing. I showed her the single-tail, we walked down the Hudson River Park, and sat on a bench in the park for a while.

    Later, we headed back towards 14th Street to see Rachel‘s gig at Club Rare. Unfortunately, her set time was moved up and so she performed at 8:45 PM instead of at 10:45 PM, which is when Sara and I arrived at the club. We entered anyway, hoping to see her, but she had already left for the night.

    Sara was exhausted and so the two of us ended up plopping down on a couch for a good three hours at least. She put her head in my lap and I stroked her hair for (almost) the entire time. She fell asleep for a significant portion of the night, as I watched the other clubbers talk and flirt and get each other drunk. Relevant snippet of conversation from that night, recalled from memory and thus possibly not accurate:

    Me: I’m just watching them as if they were ants.

    Her: If I were to draw Howard Roark, I would draw him like you.

    We left the club sometime approaching two o’clock in the morning. We had dinner at Istanbul Grill, the first time I’d been back there since moving out of the Village. Then we went back to her dorm, and I slept there with her.

Recap of Last Friday (the 13th)

  • Taking Sara to Chelsea Market: Together, we headed back to the Village for a very late breakfast. We went to Chelsea Market for Thai Food, because I had promised I’d take her back there someday. We each bought a Fat Witch brownie and juice, carrot for me and orange for her. She had never before had a Fat Witch brownie nor carrot juice, and I took pleasure in introducing both things to her.

  • Stroll down Bleeker towards Washington Square Park: We left Chelsea Market at around 7:30 PM and headed towards Saint’s Alp Teahouse on Bleeker Street and Sullivan Street (which has evidently closed down). We passed Chocolate Bar on 8th Avenue and, since this was another new thing to Sara, I insisted that we buy some hot chocolate. We also passed Magnolia Bakery across from Bleeker Playground, but seeing as how we were pretty overloaded with sugar and sweets as it was, I figured I’d save that for another time.

    When we got to Sullivan Street we saw that Saint’s Alp Teahouse was closed, and so this meant that the WordPress Discussion Group and Rubik’s Cube Meetup was simply not going to happen. No one had RSVPed for either meeting, however, so I don’t feel bad about neglecting either.

    Sara and I then turned North, bought a bottle of water at the corner bodega to quench our thirst from the rich sweets we’d been having, and then walked to Washington Square Park. We sat down on a cement banister of sorts for about an hour until the sun had set. We talked and leaned against each other. Still frame of a single strand of her hair over her lips in the foreground and an intense blue sky with puffy, turquoise clouds behind her.

  • Napping at Barnes and Noble: When it started getting cold I suggested that Sara and I head to Barnes and Noble and spend some time browsing books there. I noted that the sci-fi section and the computer section happened to be right next to each other in that bookstore. Sure enough, this proved helpful because she started browsing the sci-fi section and I, of course, hit the computer books. I made a point to show her Dave Shea and Molly Holzschlag‘s new book, The Zen of CSS Design.

    Then she picked up the hardcover and newly-revised edition of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. We sat down against a bookshelf, I rested my head on her thigh, and she read me a story. I don’t remember it all because I think I fell asleep through a few pages of it.

    That scene repeated itself on the subway ride back to her dorm, where I slept that night as well.

Recap of Last Saturday (the 14th)

  • Morning pit stop at home: I think, though I’m not sure, that I woke up early on Saturday morning to head home for a bit of personal maintenance. Emails needed to be answered, showers needed to be taken, and things of that nature just had to take place. I stopped off at my mother’s as well, though I can’t remember why.

  • Scheduling and shopping with Shir: My brother, Shir, had come home from college for the week, so the two of us caught up a lot at my mother’s as well. We planned a great many games of squash together and made it a point to remember to fix up some of my ailing Rubik’s cubes. Then the two of us went downtown to get him a squash racquet and squash shoes.

  • Meeting with Sara, again: I didn’t stay with my brother for long because earlier that day I had made plans with Sara to attend a workshop. After we had picked out a squash racquet for Shir, I jetted towards the workshop where I met with Sara. The workshop ended a little early, prior to eight o’clock, and so we thought that we would have time to grab a bite to eat with several of the other attendees, but between everyone’s dawdling and all the socializing we ended up having to cut out early.

  • Housewarming party: Sara and I did grab a bite at Chelsea Papaya right before we hopped on the uptown 1 train and headed for Chris and Jen’s new place near Dyckman Street, mere blocks away from where our apartment is. Emily joined us on the train and the three of us made our way to Chris and Jen’s new apartment.

    The party consisted of a rather low-key night with a few very, very good bottles of alcohol (I tried a weak Jello shot, as well as something by the name of Alizé for the first time), incredibly good home-made ice cream, real roast-your-own-marshmellow smores (which were also a first for me), and several fun party games. Crap! And I just lost the game again.

    After 1,000 Blank White Cards and some sort of Telephone-Pictionary-storytelling, Chris served an excellent chicken and rice dish, which I am kicking myself for not having the recipe for. Then, while watching Family Guy on DVD, Sara, Sarah, Emily, and I all crowded onto an air mattress. Eventually, we all fell asleep.

Next Time…Stay Tuned

That’s all I’m going to be able to get through for now because I have a squash game with Shir in just over an hour. I need to go and get ready for that. Next time I have the chance, I’ll finish up recapping my week, so you’ll be able to read more about:

  • going to Central Park with Sara, Rob, and Paul to throw whips and juggle on Sunday,
  • monday, which I am sure existed but can’t remember at all,
  • Sara moving into the apartment, my amazingly challenging squash game with Shir, and introducing Sara to Shir and Shir to Sara on Tuesday,
  • Wednesday’s spectacular evening at Manhunt,
  • meeting Melinda for squash and a quick dinner on Thursday
  • and everything in between all of this.


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